About Me

My name is Julie Schieffelin and I am an artist from Johns Creek, Georgia, USA.  I live with my husband, John, our beautiful daughter, Sarah, and various animals who have found their way to us over the years.  We joke that we are the home of wayward animals and, sometimes, people!  Art is an integral part of my life - it allows me to be the person that, in my mind, I was meant to be.  The vision of myself that I have in my head.  The cool, hip, creative that sometimes I have a difficult time finding.  But I feel it in my soul!  Art frees me!

I am inspired by other artists.  I get excited when I see something new, something that no one has done before.  I am inspired by colors and by textures and the often unexpected combination of the two.  I am inspired by what is beautiful to me and all of the different forms in which beauty presents itself.  And I am always intrigued by what others find beautiful.  

I want to create art that makes others stop for a moment and think “hey – that’s cool” or “hmm – I don’t know how I feel about that” or even “nope – that’s not for me”.  I want to evoke an emotion with my art.

My art is unique in its creation.  When I first started painting, it was a very controlled effort – very precise.  And I was not getting the results that I had hoped for.  I started to let go a bit – and yes, there was paint slinging involved!  I had to step back and look at the whole picture - the highlights, the shadows, the shading – and start to envision the overall effect as opposed to the individual brush strokes.  My art is loose and messy…and happy! 

Art is an essential element of my life – like my family, my friends and our animals.  Life would not be complete without art.  I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to create on a daily basis and that I have found my passion.  My wish is that everyone can find their passion and involve themselves in it!